Week 3 Devlog

  • Software architecture seems to be a relatively easy-to understand concept. Just like the architecture of a building, software architecture is a way of structuring code that allows for future expansion and understanding by any developer in the medium you are working in. Good software architecture is ready for dramatic changes and extensions.
  • Making code more flexible allows for easier prototyping changes, but it's not as sturdy as a rigid architecture. Dramatic changes can be made, but at the expense of over structural rigidity.
  • Decoupling is taking pieces of code that are dependent on each other and making them able to be understood without each other. It makes debugging easier because it allows you to pinpoint problem code much more easily, as you just have to look at one piece instead of a whole bunch of pieces.
  • If I were to decouple my camera code from my triggers in my Rube Goldberg machine, it would be much easier to move my camera freely using interpolation.


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